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Zinc Roofing

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Zinc roofing and its composite are much like copper, it makes for a very long lasting roofing material in any environment which can last decades needing no maintenance or treatment throughout its lifetime, although its important that roof ventilation is inserted correctly when installing Zinc roofing.

Zinc roofing is naturally resistant to corrosion, it is extremely durable and does not require costly maintenance. It offers flexibility and versatility of zinc, combined with its pleasing appearance, make it the material of choice for building projects to individual homes to commercial complexes, public buildings and all styles of domestic projects.

Zinc requires practically no maintenance due to its a naturally forming compound which is self-protecting. Zinc blends to both traditional and contemporary design, regardless if its a new build or redesign of an existing roof top.  Architects frequently comment on how well the material blends with wood, stone and concrete, whilst also providing a contrast to many other materials that are used when installing a roof.

Zinc is naturally self-protecting. With time, it forms an attractive light grey colour. It does not rust, requires little or no maintenance, is remarkably resistant to corrosion and is perfectly watertight. Zinc offers durability and is a long-term cost-effective solution. Other roofing options for Bristol include roofing repairs in Bristol and torch on felt roofs, all at very affordable rates.

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